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R & D

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Process System Engineering

Process System Engineering


With process technology integration as the core, process simulation, process optimization, process integration, and process enhancement as means, with the goal of green, functional, and intensified, maximize process value, support the strategic development of the group, and become value creation and technology Originality and growth point of innovation.


Reserarch directions

01 Process optimization

With the aid of computer simulation methods, relevant models are established, process flow and equipment are simulated, analyzed and diagnosed, and operating parameters are optimized to achieve the best operating state.

02 Process integration

Apply pinch point analysis technology to optimize the company's heat exchange network, hydrogen network, water network and steam system to reduce production and operation costs.

Global optimization around all aspects of operation based on industrial data integration.

03 Process strengthening

Strengthen production through process enhancement technologies such as heat pump technology, microwave technology, ultrasonic technology, membrane separation, molecular distillation technology, micro-chemical technology, new heat exchangers, new tray packings, new reactors, reaction and separation coupling, and improve the operating efficiency of the device .

04 Corrosion protection

Based on the existing equipment corrosion status and abnormal case analysis, conduct corrosion failure analysis, provide equipment anti-corrosion technical solutions and develop new anti-corrosion technologies to improve the corrosion resistance of petrochemical equipment and equipment, reduce corrosion management costs, and ensure long-term safe operation of the equipment.