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R & D

Improve today, innovate tomorrow, research the day after tomorrow, prepare for the future

Technology Support System

Technology Support System

Analytical Skills


The institute has more than 20 laboratories including mass spectrometry room, nuclear magnetic room, electron microscope room, liquid chromatography room, gas chromatography room, physical and chemical analysis room, spectral analysis room, gel chromatography room, etc., and a total of 50 imported high-end instruments and equipment Yutai. It can provide the analysis and characterization of the composition, structure and form for the holding group and relevant external units. It is one of the analysis institutions with strong comprehensive strength in Shandong Province.

Research directions

Relying on the group's overall development goals and strategic planning, and focusing on different areas of the industrial chain, such as high-performance oils, high-performance materials, and high-end chemicals, carry out the group's analytical research and development guidance work, and devote itself to the detection and characterization of formula analysis and structural identification. As well as related methodological research and applied research work, including composition analysis, structural analysis and morphological analysis, integrating internal and external resources of the group, introducing cutting-edge technologies, training analytical talents, and creating a composite analytical testing platform integrating analytical technical services and scientific research.

Separation technology


With separation technology development as the core, research on separation methods and laws around the company's resources and development needs, to achieve separation process technology development, product structure optimization, and achieve the goals of high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, emission reduction, and product value enhancement.

Research directions

Distillation direction: guided by the idea of ​​molecular oil refining, with the help of big data analysis, integrating internal and external resources, relying on conventional distillation, focusing on the research and development of special distillation technology such as extractive distillation and reactive distillation to achieve product monomerization and High added value. Integrate with process enhancement, perform diagnostic analysis for production equipment, and achieve systemic optimization such as energy consumption optimization, raw material optimization, and process optimization.
Crystallization direction: With the crystallization process and crystal form research as the core technology, develop crystallization product development, process innovation and optimization, and integrate the advantageous resources of universities and research institutes at home and abroad to serve the industrial crystallization needs of industrial companies and achieve low cost in the crystallization separation process. The purpose of high efficiency and high quality is to form a crystallization technology center for the separation and research of chemicals and natural products.
Membrane separation direction: based on the development of high-end adsorption materials and membrane products, focusing on the transformation and upgrading of traditional separation processes such as gas/low boilers; based on the coupling of adsorption and membrane separation applications, with the help of technological process design optimization and process flow coupling innovation , To achieve the goal of upgrading the traditional separation process, improving product quality and value-processing the three waste resources.

Engineering design


Strengthen the sense of third-party service, adhering to the design concept of "safety, standard, quality, and efficiency", provide the group with process package development, engineering design, process simulation optimization and engineering consulting services, and build a company's professional engineering design center.

Research directions

Since its establishment, Jingbo Chemical Design Institute has undertaken the “10,000 tons/year polyolefin alloy project”, “5,000 tons/year high-efficiency environmental protection oil additives project”, and “280 Ten thousand tons/year aromatics and supporting projects", "4000 tons/year trans-butadiene rubber project", "recycling refinery waste gas to produce 10000 tons/year optical resin raw materials", 300 tons/year biomass improver pilot project , 1,000 tons/year XDI process package preparation project, 5000 tons/year high-performance aramid paper project engineering design, and also undertake equipment technical transformation engineering design, business scope covers petrochemical, fine chemical, olefin polymerization, pesticide chemical and other industries .